Affordable Housing

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JPNDC is committed to developing housing that is 100% affordable.

Why? Because we know that when people live in homes they can afford, their future is brighter and our community is healthier.

About Affordable Housing at JPNDC

JPNDC has been building affordable homes for nearly 40 years. We focus on new projects that are 100% affordable to households earning below 60% of Area Median Income.

We broke ground on 47 affordable homes at 61 Heath Street in May 2018.  Click here to view our entire pipeline.

For developed projects, click here to view our Real Estate Portfolio.

To put your name on a waiting list for affordable housing, view our family housing portfolio or our elderly housing portfolio. For each property in which you’re interested click “To learn more or apply” link for that property. 

What we do

  • Peabody Properties provides property management for 12 JPNDC-developed buildings
  • Pine Street Inn provides property management for two JPNDC-developed buildings
  • 470 units under management
  • On-site services available in most buildings
  • Community organizers work to build leadership and connect residents to resources in the community
  • Bringing people together to keep Jackson Square moving
  • Working in coalition to push for policy changes like a Just Cause Eviction ordinance and the Community Preservation Act (achieved in 2016!)
  • Through community organizing, making sure the voices of low-income people are heard in planning processes

We have 499 units in the pipeline in six separate projects. See our pipeline here.


Join our affordable housing Rapid Response Team! Make a difference in under 3 minutes. Contact Erica to sign up.

We achieved our 20% energy reduction goals three years early! Read the article here.

See our new interactive map showing all JPNDC properties.

JPNDC construction hiring and contracting results: See a summary here

Questions about affordable housing? See our FAQs


Because unless you make $121,000 a year, it’s difficult to afford an apartment in Boston.

  • Most 2-bedroom apartments in Jamaica Plain are renting for $2,500 or more—far above the reach of a median-income Boston household

  • 3,000 households applied for JPNDC’s 75 Amory Ave. project—77 applicants per unit

  • Creating new affordable homes is part of the solution, in addition to needed policy changes


Because we don’t just build affordable homes…we work towards healthier communities

  • The 670 homes we have developed are all over Jamaica Plain

  • We prioritize “building green” and all our new projects are LEED-certifiable

  • JPNDC staff works closely with residents to build leadership and connect them with resources and opportunities in the community


Homes developed

By the numbers

  • 499 units in the pipeline

  • 109 homes developed for first-time buyers

  • 298 affordable apartments for local families

  • 111 apartments for low-income seniors

  • 28 SRO units and 30 studio apartments that help formerly homeless people

  • $278m invested in JP through real estate projects


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