Aileen Rodriguez
Community Empowerment Coordinator

About Aileen Rodriguez

Title: Community Empowerment Coordinator

Major area of responsibility: I manage case portfolios and establish and maintain relationships with clients and external organizations. I handle case assignments, set goals, develop strategies, and create action plans in partnership with clients. I also collaborate with financial and career coaches to track client progress and make sure their needs are being met through our services or resources outside of JPNDC.

Relevant background: Working for non-profit organizations in the human service field, with 6+ years of direct service experience to meet the social needs of vulnerable populations. I have had the opportunity to wear many hats including managing a co-shelter program and now navigating and assisting clients who are facing barriers and financial hardship by providing access to resources.

Year started at JPNDC: 2022

  • What inspires me: People who are guided by their own values, meeting people where they are and supporting their ideas and their goals.

  • What I like: Providing possible short-term and long-term solutions to client problems.

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