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JP and Juicygreens

Do you know what’s filling the former Harvest Co-op space on South Street? Juicygreens will open this winter with a variety of smoothies, pressed juices, soups, arepas and salads. Today, we are chatting with Juicygreens founder and owner Ammy Lowney about being in the First Cohort for IFundWomen Boston, making the switch from teacher to [...]

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JP and Melissa Rocklen

The JPNDC Brewery Small Business Complex is home to 50 small businesses. Did you know that number includes several artist studios as well? One of those artists is Melissa Rocklen, owner of Rocklen Designs, who creates her beautiful mobiles just steps away from JPNDC’s offices. Today, we are chatting with Melissa about her nature-inspired artwork, [...]

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JP and Paloma Valenzuela

Have you caught an episode of the award-winning 'The Pineapple Diaries' web series? The show centers around the lives of three best friends who live in Jamaica Plain. Today we are chatting with JP native and show creator, Paloma Valenzuela, about the her production company, La Gringa Loca Productions, her dedication to telling the stories of [...]

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JP and Ginger Brown

Did you know Jamaica Plain has three Main Streets districts? JP is home to Egleston Square, Hyde/Jackson and Centre/South Main Streets. Today we are chatting with the new Executive Director of JP Centre/ South Main Streets Ginger Brown about her goals as the new director, her ambition for JP to be nationally recognized, and why [...]

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JP and Giovanny Valencia

If you’ve been to any meeting about affordable housing in Jamaica Plain in the past four years, you’ve probably heard from Giovanny Valencia! This summer he became JPNDC’s Director of Community Organizing. Today we’re chatting with Gio about how he came to Boston and why he cares so much about JPNDC’s work to keep JP [...]

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JP and Peabody Properties

JPNDC is committed not only to building affordable housing but to making sure it's healthy, safe and maintained in excellent condition year after year for the families and seniors who call it home. That's why we partner with Peabody Properties, Inc. (PPI) as our property management company. Today we hear [...]

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JP and David ‘Lightfoot’ Bellow

Jamaica Plain is known for being a hub for many artists and musicians but rarely do we hear about JP's hip-hop artists. Today, we are chatting with underground hip-hop artist, producer and Jamaica Plain native David 'Lightfoot' Bellow about his work with The Hip Hop Transformation youth group, his latest album, and how Jamaica [...]

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JP and Perros Paisas

JPNDC's Small Business Program helps immigrant and low-income entrepreneurs from all over Boston. One of the newest businesses JPNDC has been working with is Perros Paisas, a food truck that will be based in East Boston. Today, we are chatting with Andres Jaramillo, the owner of Perros Paisas, about his path to opening a food [...]

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JP and Shamus Moynihan

Did you know the JP Music Festival will be celebrating seven years of showcasing Jamaica Plain musicians this year? Today, we are chatting with Shamus Moynihan, one of the founders and producers of the festival, about discovering Pinebank Field, the very first JP Music Fest, and how the festival has grown but has also stayed the [...]

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JP and Mindy Fried & Marie Ghitman

Did you know that JP Porchfest drew over 10,000 attendees to Jamaica Plain this year? JP Porchfest is held on porches throughout JP and builds community through music and other art forms. Today, we are chatting with Mindy Fried and Marie Ghitman, the producers of JP Porchfest, about helping other neighborhoods start their Porchfests, how JP Porchfest has [...]

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