Creating homeownership opportunities in JP for moderate-income buyers

The Back Story

  • 50 years ago, land was taken by eminent domain to make way for a proposed eight-lane extension of I-95.

  • JP residents joined with people from other communities to prevent the highway from being built. But hundreds of homes, including those on these parcels, had already been bulldozed. Learn more in these articles: JP Historical Society 2014Architecture Boston 2012JP Gazette 2013

  • In mid-2017, the Mass. Dept. of Transportation (MassDOT) announced its intention to sell parcels to the the highest bidder

  • Community voices make a difference again! Because of the advocacy of JPNDC and dedicated local residents, MassDOT ultimately required that at least six affordable homes be built on the parcels.

  • In July 2018, MassDot sold its Call St./Carolina Ave. parcels to JPNDC!

  • In addition to the purchase of the Mass DOT parcels, JPNDC purchased a City-owned parcel in June 2019, and completed a land swap with an abutter in September 2019.

Project Details

  • Eight new affordable homes in Jamaica Plain

  • Eight units to be sold to four first-time buyers (two at maximum household income of 80% of Area Median Income, two at maximum household income of 100% of Area Median Income), each buyer purchasing one unit for owner occupancy and one for rental

  • Two rental units affordable to households earning up to 60% of Area Median Income

    Two rental units affordable to households earning up to 80% of Area Median Income

  • Environmentally friendly design and construction (adhering to LEED and Energy Star standards)

  • JPNDC commitment to exceeding City goals regarding construction diversity goals (see track record)

Process and Next Steps

  • Construction start: October 2019

  • Anticipated completion: August 2020

  • WaterMark Development, which provided key funds allowing JPNDC to acquire the Mass DOT parcels, is nearing completion on nine market-rate units on Everett Street in a separate development.

  • For more information, contact Real Estate Project Manager Matt Henzy at



See more from JPNDC’s survey of buyers of affordable homes
September 17, 2019: Project Update
June 26, 2018: presentation to abutters’ meeting sponsored by Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood services
June 6, 2018: presentation to the JP Neighborhood Council Zoning Committee (the committee endorsed our proposal)
Tree Assessment Report & Recommendations, April 30, 2018

Developer: JPNDC
General Contractor: Landmark Structures
Architect: DREAM Collaborative
Environmental: McPhail Associates
Owner’s Attorney: Klein Hornig LLP
Survey: Nitsch Engineering
Civil Engineer: Fraser Poly-Engineering Services
Green Consultant: CLEAResult