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The Center for Equity and Prosperity

Our capital campaign to build a welcoming place where Boston families can build assets and move toward long-term prosperity.

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The Center for Equity and Prosperity
is our investment in a more inclusive city.
Families and businesses come to JPNDC from across the Boston area to access our free, bilingual asset-building services.
Now we have a unique opportunity to expand this work by building the Center that will:
Dramatically expand our Economic Prosperity reach
Provide us with a seamless space to grow and innovate
Tackle the racial wealth divide and build a more equitable city
Our Economic Prosperity Services
Family Prosperity

Partnering with families to build income, credit, careers, and intergenerational assets

Small Business

Providing small business owners with tools, technical assistance, and resources that will help them stabilize and grow

Early Education

Ensuring that children in Boston get high-quality affordable childcare that prepares them for success in school and life

Limited Space = Limited Impact
Limited Space = Limited Impact

More than four times as many people come to JPNDC today as when our current offices in the historic Brewery complex were built out. Our space needs to be renovated to meet this increased need.

The challenges of our current space include:

  1. A maze of cramped rooms, halls, and cubicles.
  2. Stairs that fragment our services.
  3. A cramped reception area (even pre-COVID) that discourages people from extending their visit for multiple services and is not child-friendly.
  4. Two small meeting rooms (capacity of 25) that cannot accommodate the 100+ trainings we offer each year.
  5. Training rooms that aren’t designed for learning.
  6. No space for childcare during workshops.
  7. Not enough private, soundproofed space for simultaneous confidential coaching appointments.

Read JPNDC's statement regarding the CEP and the relocation of Brewery Tenant, 21st Century Foods here.

Our Time To Act
Our Time To Act

In these extraordinary times, JPNDC is ready to create a place where families can build assets, move toward prosperity, and make Boston a more equitable city.

  1. JPNDC has become a magnet for Latinx and other low-income families seeking to build financial stability and prosperity.
  2. Our numbers have tripled in less than ten years, driven by word-of-mouth referrals from enthusiastic participants.
  3. Our strategies resonate with people because we respect their own strengths, values and goals.
Building Equity AND Prosperity
Building Equity AND Prosperity

JPNDC’s approach is to recognize every person’s strengths, no matter their challenges. Our role is to partner with people so they can achieve their own goals.

  1. Our approach is based on the understanding that poverty is rooted in economic and social inequity.
  2. Our individualized strategies are matched by organizing and advocacy to change policies that perpetuate inequity.
  3. JPNDC can do it! Together with our communities, we have a track record of tackling challenges and achieving meaningful change.
Tackling the Racial Wealth Divide
Tackling the Racial Wealth Divide

For too many people in Boston today, the road to the American Dream is a treadmill.

  1. The racial wealth divide means children of color are likely to inherit poverty, not assets.
  2. It’s harder now for younger generations to move up the economic ladder than it was for earlier ones.
  3. People are working hard and falling behind anyway. A single parent earning minimum wage would need to work 100 hours a week to cover rent and basic expenses in Boston.
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Limited Space = Limited Impact
Our Time To Act
Building Equity AND Prosperity
Tackling the Racial Wealth Divide
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Our Vision for the Center

A new, permanent resource that will put thousands of Boston families on a trajectory of upward financial mobility.

  1. A 40% expansion of our current space in the historic Brewery complex, renovating more than 6,000 sq. ft. on the ground floor.
  2. All services on one floor, helping us seamlessly integrate services.
  3. A welcoming reception area featuring a family-friendly play space, encouraging people to take advantage of multiple services – a proven best practice.
  4. A training space designed for adult and two-generational learning, including state-of-the-art technology, ergonomic seating, warm and abundant lighting, capacity for 80 people, and a child care area.
  5. A technology center housing computers and printers that people can use to submit online applications, write resumes and cover letters, or work on their bookkeeping or family budget.
% to Goal
Progress to Goal







Help us close the gap!

Help us close the gap!

Impact Stats
Intergenerational Impact

The Center for Equity and Prosperity is more than a building.

This space will give JPNDC’s Economic Prosperity Services room to grow, introduce new services, and innovate to meet the increasing needs of our clients.

Within the first three years of the Center opening its doors:

people will raise their credit score by a meaningful increment
small businesses, primarily owned by immigrants and people of color, will open or expand
at-risk businesses will stabilize, preserving local jobs
million in new contracts will be obtained by small construction businesses owned by people of color or women
families will increase their net income
low-income children will be on track for success in kindergarten
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Join us in building
a more equitable Boston.
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Have questions or want more information on the capital campaign?
Contact Randi Sayers at or 617-522-2424 x256.