Carlos Espinoza-Toro ext 226
Small Business Program Director

About Carlos Espinoza-Toro

Major areas of responsibility: Provide business development training to groups of small business owners. Provide individualized consulting to business owners who are graduates of the group trainings. Training and consulting services include business planning, marketing planning, bookkeeping, accounting, basic architectural services, legal workshops, among others.

What I feel most proud about: Helping business owners access timely legal services to prevent displacement.

Relevant background: MIT Planner & Architect with 10+ years of experience providing high-quality bilingual technical assistance to small business owners, start-ups, research partnerships and nonprofits.

Year started at JPNDC: 2016

  • What inspires me: Helping people. Helping business owners maximize the use of their talents and skills to turn their entrepreneurial spirit into financial prosperity.
  • What I like:  Creativity and Innovation
  • Call me about: Small business development

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