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Bashier Kayou, Healing for Racial Equity

“Equality” is we all get the same. But when you’ve suffered the impacts of racism, getting the same is not enough. We have to change the paradigm and make it about equity." From the Jim Crow South to Harlem and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, from Outward Bound to the JP Neighborhood Trauma Team, [...]

Rose JP: How One JP business is Adapting to the Shutdown

"We literally went home and started gathering things from around the house, and asking our parents for items." Small businesses have probably never faced as difficult a time as they do today. Rose JP, a consignment store owned by Carina Lopez and her husband, is adapting to face these challenges and can't wait to [...]

JP & Michael Carnes

“Being able to turn around and look at what you’ve done. It really puts punctuation on your work day. It’s very rewarding.” In 2017, JPNDC provided over 88 hours of free classes for small business assistance and improvement. In this post, we’re speaking with course participant and small business owner, Michael Carnes of Five Seasons Garden [...]

JP & Coco Verde Vegan

“You won't believe you're eating something that's vegan.” Vegan Dominican food? That’s right, and it’s being made here in JP. Today we’re speaking with Cecilia Flores and Ivannoe Rodriguez Sierra, owners of the brand-new catering business Coco Verde Vegan (, about creating delicious recipes based on traditional dishes (and new ones), helping people get healthier, [...]

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