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JP & Arnold Johnson

“It’s not just banging nails. It’s engineering. It’s architecture. We need young people to realize they can make a good living.” Boston is in a building boom. Did you know most of the workers on the city’s construction sites today are neither Boston residents nor people of color (who make up at least 53% of [...]

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JP & Michael Mulcahy

Michael Mulcahy, 1928-2018 In this post we celebrate the life of Michael Mulcahy, a pillar of the neighborhood for more than 50 years. First, in a 2007 interview, Michael reminisces about JP in the 1960s, living two blocks from the Haffenreffer Brewery, and facing down some bigots who opposed JPNDC in the early days. Michael would [...]

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JP & Coco Verde Vegan

“You won't believe you're eating something that's vegan.” Vegan Dominican food? That’s right, and it’s being made here in JP. Today we’re speaking with Cecilia Flores and Ivannoe Rodriguez Sierra, owners of the brand-new catering business Coco Verde Vegan (https://cocoverdevegan.com/), about creating delicious recipes based on traditional dishes (and new ones), helping people get healthier, [...]

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JP & Gabriela Mendoza, Esq.

“My mom says I decided to become a lawyer because I’m always arguing,” says Gabriela Mendoza. “But I argue because I’m defending other people! And because I want to make a difference and help people.” On June 7th, because of her work helping local businesses avoid displacement, Gabriela will be one of the individuals and [...]

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JP & City Life/Vida Urbana

Did you know that a JP organization is a national leader in the anti-displacement movement? City Life/Vida Urbana is celebrating its 45th anniversary on May 19 with a party and multi-media art exhibit that will shine a light on victories by working-class people to stay in their homes and advance racial, social and economic justice. [...]

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JP and Genevieve Shattow

Did you know JPNDC has generations of volunteers? Today, we are chatting with Jamaica Plain native Genevieve Shattow, whose father helped get JPNDC started in the '70s. She shares about growing up in JP, why she also volunteers with JPNDC, and why you should join us at the 3rd Annual Friendrasier on April 19th! K: You were [...]

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JP and the Community Preservation Act

A year and a half ago, JPNDC community organizers Giovanny Valencia and Juan Gonzalez encouraged Boston voters to say "yes" to the Community Preservation Act (CPA). TODAY... the CPA is reality, Juan is retired in El Salvador (writing and volunteering), Giovanny is our Community Organizing Director, and on April 3 YOU can speak out about how [...]

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JP and Michael Spicher

Art runs in the lifeblood of Jamaica Plain and new artists arrive every day! Today we’re speaking with JP resident Michael Spicher, who responded to our open call for interviews (you can too!) and shared his love of Porchfest (he performs), how he uses stories to teach philosophy, and more. K: Where are you from [...]

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JP and Richard Heath

If you've ever read the Jamaica Plain News or The Bulletin Newspapers, chances are you've read an article by long-time JP resident Richard Heath. Today we're chatting with Richard about his service in Vietnam, the founding of the Franklin Park Coalition, and his work in affordable housing. G: Where are you from originally and where [...]

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