About Charles Hills

Board position:



Executive, Finance, Economic Prosperity, Governance, Brewery Development Corp.

Professional background:

Certified public accountant, corporate tax consultant

JPNDC project I am the most proud of:

If I have to pick just one, then The Brewery–but it’s really in the span of our projects, brick and mortar, and beyond, that I have the most pride. The impact those efforts have had in JP.  Streets and lives changed for the better.

What inspires me: 

What can we do next? We’ve gone so far beyond what I imagined we could do when we started forty years ago. I think we’re going to continue finding ways to contribute to the community. Sometimes it’s been building up homes. Other times, it’s building up people. We’re going to find a way.

What I like:

Gardening, TV, good food (but not too spicy!!) and cooking, the Patriots (I remember when they were the NFL doormats).