Community Organizing

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Whether it’s housing policy or a block party,
The results are better when the people affected are involved.

Do YOU want to get involved?


How does organizing make a difference?

Hundreds of affordable homes in JP, including the JPNDC developments below, would never have been built without people speaking out, attending community meetings, writing letters, and sometimes protesting.

  • Pondview Apartments
  • Rockvale Circle Coop
  • Betsaida Gutierrez Cooperative Apartments, Sister Virginia Mulhern House, and Creighton Commons (all on the former Blessed Sacrament Campus)
  • Nate Smith House
  • Jackson Square Redevelopment Initiative
  • 61 Heath Street Apartments
  • Hyde Square Cooperative
  • Forest Glen Cooperative
  • Catherine Gallagher Cooperative
  • Francis Grady Apartments

You can learn more about these in JPNDC’s real estate portfolio.

We know we can’t achieve change alone, so JPNDC works on city and statewide campaigns for policy changes promoting affordable housing and economic justice.

In 2016, JPNDC campaigned for voter approval of the Community Preservation Act in Boston (creating a small surcharge on property taxes to fund affordable housing, open space and historic preservation). The approval rate in Jamaica Plain was the highest of any Boston neighborhood!

In 2017, we joined with Rise Up Mass to collect signatures for ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage and ensure family and medical leave. JPNDC members, board and staff and members collected 1,100 petition signatures–a MUCH greater percentage of total signatures collected than our neighborhood’s portion of the state’s population! The legislature and governor were compelled to act and our state is now on its way to a $15 minimum wage.

Many of the people who go through our leadership trainings have gone on to become leaders and change-makers in their organizations, buildings and neighborhoods.

In a diverse and changing neighborhood, bringing people together to paint murals, plant flowers or barbecue hot dogs builds trust and friendship. JPNDC organizes dozens of activities each year to promote fun — which makes it easier for people to solve problems together too!


Want to make sure everybody’s counted in Census 2020? We want your help.

September 25: Hip Hop & Soul Music Showcase AND Monthly Meet-up!

Join our Affordable Housing Rapid Response Team! Contact us to sign up.

Find other ways to get involved here.


Organizing Campaigns and Activities

We’re making sure JP residents are counted in the 2020 Census. Learn more about this campaign.

JPNDC is working hard to protect local businesses from real estate speculation. Stay tuned for updates.

Learn more here about JPNDC’s work to support tenant leaders at Mildred Hailey Apartments.


Because collective action is key to creating a more just and vibrant community.

  • In an expensive neighborhood and city, new affordable housing can’t be created without strong grassroots support.

  • Democracy is undermined when low-income people, immigrants, and people of color are underrepresented in neighborhood and city leadership

  • Diversity alone is good, but it’s even more beautiful when diverse neighbors come together to make their community better.


Because …

  • Our commitment to inclusive process has made JPNDC a trusted organization.

  • We turn organizing into results, from a new playground to a higher minimum wage.

  • We are committed to incorporating new leaders and diverse, representative voices into our own organization.