Community Organizing Activities

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Affordable homes Thriving business districtsEngaged residents

These are the fundamentals of an equitable community.
We all have a role in keeping those fundamentals alive in JP.

Where We Focus:


Affordable Housing

When residents can live in affordable, high-quality housing their lives improve. So does our community. Activities include:

  • Advocate for policy change
  • Shape new projects
  • Promote tenants’ rights


Commercial Districts

Small business owners are part of our community and their voices are essential. Activities include:

  • Support merchants’ leadership
  • Promote business diversity
  • Improve safety


Engaged Residents

Diversity is a start. The next step is for people to connect. Activities include:

  • Organize fun events
  • Work together for solutions to problems
  • Participate in clean-ups


Develop Leaders

An equitable JP includes leaders who are immigrants, low-income residents and people of color. Activities include:

  • Provide bilingual leadership workshops
  • Support co-op boards
  • Train public housing youth

We welcome everyone!
The only “experience” required is a commitment to building a stronger JP.

Take Action

girl-painting-mural-150-150pxAdvocating for affordable housing

Current goal: Change Boston’s Inclusionary Development Policy to create more affordable housing.

Take action: Write a letter to the Mayor. Sign a petition.

Learn more: See Calendar

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