Cristal Martinez  ext 284
Resident Organizer

About Cristal Martinez

Title: Resident Organizer

Major areas of responsibility: Working with JPNDC housing residents and public housing residents on resident satisfaction, leadership development, advocacy, campaigns to improve the quality of life, neighborhood activities, and connecting them to JPNDC Economic Prosperity Services.

Relevant background: I have seven years experience as a youth organizer / youth leader in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan for a non-profit organization called Roxbury Environmental Empowerment Project, which falls under the umbrella of ACE (Alternatives for Community and Environment). I graduated from UMASS Boston with a BA in Criminology / Criminal Justice, a BA in Communication and a MA in Sociology.

Year started at JPNDC: 2020

  • What inspires me: The friends I grew up with didn’t have the same opportunity as I did to attend an exam school. Most of them are either in jail, dead, or weren’t able to continue their education at a collegiate level. WE NEED TO CHANGE THIS CYCLE! The youth inspire me! Seeing kids / teenagers / students take advantage of the opportunities their communities have to offer or even creating those opportunities themselves. Watching them build power within to spark a positive change by teaching/showing other youth/peers that their lives and voices matter. This will enable the thought of creating change in their own communities and overall the entire city.

  • What I like: dogs, taking long walks in nice weather, good food, good music & being next to the ocean.

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