Why We Care about Childcare

From our November 2019 newsletter

Immigrant women in our community called on JPNDC two decades ago to help residents start home-based businesses as licensed childcare providers. Today, with 45 early educators, our system is highly respected in Massachusetts for our investment in the ongoing professional development of each one of them.

Why do we care so much? Because childcare is a major equity issue.

First: although the field in general is notoriously low-paid, independent providers at full capacity can earn a living income and build financial security for their families. The higher their credentials, the more they can earn.

Second: closing the “achievement gap” between low- and high-income children requires excellent education from the start.

80 percent of children’s brain development takes place before age 5. And when early educators are themselves well-educated, research shows that their pupils are most likely to be ready for reading, math, science, and learning in general when they enter grade school.

Our goal, and that of our educators, is to prepare at least 1,000 low-income children of color (a third of whom live in shelters) for successful transitions to kindergarten by 2023.

“The best thing a teacher can hear.”

What is it? Read our interview with Argentina Ulloa, one of JPNDC’s early educators!

What JPNDC Offers

  • Curriculum-based early education for your child that includes reading, art, science, arithmetic, and movement.

  • Routine assessments to track development

  • Payment vouchers

  • Transportation assistance

  • Career and financial coaching for parents, if desired

Meet our educators!

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We’ll work with you!

JPNDC may be able to help you secure payment vouchers.

Our educators are professionals who are dedicated to giving your child the best early education and care available. They offer services in their home and have met or exceeded state standards. They participate in at least 80 hours of professional development a year in order to stay on top of the child development field. Most have credentials such as Child Development Associate or Associate’s in Early Education.

Children receive the following:

  • Curriculum-based early education
  • Individualized assessments to monitor development
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Activities to foster intellectual, physical, emotional and social development

Our educators are in Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Roslindale and Mattapan.

Only you can decide which early education services are best for your child. We think home-based services offer a number of benefits:

  • Personalized attention for your child
  • A warm, nurturing environment
  • Emphasis on both educational and social development
  • Flexibility in working with your schedule
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Francia de Jesus
Program Director

Rosina Guerrero
Community Empowerment Manager

Najira Ramos
Billing & Enrollment Specialist



JPNDC and Early Education

  • 21 years of experience. JPNDC has run a Family Child Care System qualified by the Mass. Department of Early Education & Care since 1998.

  • 45 licensed educators. Each  “classroom” is a nurturing, family-like environment with age-appropriate curricula, healthy meals and lots of fun.

  • Child development expertise. All children are screened and assessed using evidence-based tools to ensure they are developing socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

  • Support for families. JPNDC connects parents to vouchers and subsidies, transportation, activities, workshops, career services and more.

  • Support for educators. We provide 80+ hours of professional development a year, individual coaching, peer support, and small business technical assistance to ensure educators’ own financial security.

Why It Matters

  • Early education makes a difference. Children who enter kindergarten with a basic knowledge of math and reading are more likely to do well in school, go to college and get a job.

  • Good teachers = good students. Research shows that when teachers are well educated and have high professional credentials, students do better.

  • We develop educators. JPNDC focuses on helping childcare providers raise their credentials so children will be ready for success in kindergarten and first grade.

  • The “achievement gap” between high- and low-income children can be closed! High-quality early education is part of the solution.

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