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Why is Credit Important?

  • Jobs: Many employers now check job applicants’ modified credit report. They look for good credit as evidence of honesty and reliability.

  • Renting: A good credit score can help you get an apartment, whether it’s market-rate or subsidized.

  • Business success: If you’re a business owner or dream of owning a business, credit is very important for securing loans.

  • Homebuying: If your dream is owning your own home, start working on your credit today!

How can JPNDC help?

  • We’ll pull your credit report for free and review it with you.

  • JPNDC has Certified Financial Coaches who are bilingual in Spanish and English.

  • A coach will work 1:1 with you to take the best steps for building credit: debt reduction plans, debt consolidation and refinancing, enrollment in safe credit building products, expense reduction plans and more.

  • Free workshops on credit building, budgeting, savings and more will build your confidence and reassure you that you’re not alone!


  • Commitment to keeping your coaching appointments
  • Commitment to following through with credit building steps
  • Boston residents prioritized
  • All are welcome!

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‘I saw a flyer where I work and thought “this is for me.” Right away I was able to start saving. And in six months my credit score went up almost 100 points.’


‘When I learned that my father was thinking of selling our family business because he had no retirement funds, that made me think about my own financial future for the first time. Now I’m saving and my credit score is in the excellent range.’


‘In just four months my credit score went up 60 points! My debt is down too. I’m so glad I found JPNDC.’

Why It Matters

  • Boston has an inequality problem. Median net worth among white households is $247,000, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. For African-American households, it is $8. For Dominicans, it is $0.

  • Far more than income, it is wealth that allows families to achieve long-term security. It is wealth that allows them to invest in the future—in homes, education, and business creation—and to pass their achievements on to the next generation

  • The two principal ways that people without inherited wealth can build assets is homebuying or business creation. Neither of these can happen without good credit.

  • Poor credit also sabotages people’s hard work just to make ends meet, often without their knowledge. It can make it difficult to find a job or an apartment.

  • Everyone can take steps to build credit!. JPNDC can help.

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