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If you want to

  • Increase your savings

  • Get a better job

  • Improve your credit

  • Reduce your debt

  • Go back to school

… then Family Prosperity Services are for you!

Services are offered in Spanish and English.

Top five questions

We have only three eligibility requirements:

  1. Live in Boston
  2. Have an idea of what your financial goals are, even if those goals seem very far away
  3. Be committed to working hard

Everyone can benefit from our services. So even if you think you’re too far behind, contact us and let’s see what we can do.

All Family Prosperity services are offered free of charge.

Most of the people who participate in our family prosperity services find that they have new knowledge, confidence and tools to make and save money.

That’s the toughest question of all! A lot of things determine if you meet your financial and professional goals. Some of those are in your control and some are not. We can’t guarantee success, but we can promise you this: If you’re committed to working with us to gain basic tools, your chance for success will greatly improve.

Dec. 11: Virtual Job Fair for Core Empowerment’s new cannabis store, Seed, in Jamaica Plain.

JPNDC is helping Core Empowerment hire qualified candidates from communities disproportionately impacted by the criminalization of cannabis.

Click here to register for the Job Fair!

CONTACT US to set up your appointment with JPNDC Prosperity Services.

You’ll find out how our free coaching services will help you reach your goals.


Areas of Expertise

Good credit can help you achieve your goals. Bad credit may be hurting you in hidden ways.


Are bank fees dragging you down? You can avoid or reduce them. Check out these resources we created with a grant from the Rose Foundation for Communities & the Environment.


Immigrants to the United States may face unique challenges when it comes to finances and employment.

JPNDC staff are trained to bridge cultural differences and serve as guides to people who are learning to navigate US culture. Many of our staff have experienced immigrant journeys themselves.

We welcome and respect people from ALL backgrounds.


Paola Liendo
Manager, Family Prosperity Services

Joanne Morales
Client Services Navigator

Enrique Ponce
Career Coach



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