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  • Our Rapid Response Team makes advocacy easy by signing petitions, making phone calls, and sending emails.

  • Learn new and existing skills like research, arts, and translation.
  • Speak out at community meetings, the State House, and Boston City Council.

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The more voices we have, the greater our success in building an equitable Boston.

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Because when people get organized, they can make a difference.

  • Inequality is growing in our country and that trend is evident in our community.

  • Immigrants, always part of our community, are facing growing threats.

  • Working together for equity is the only way we’ll achieve it.


Because we’re grounded in our community and we have a track record of getting results.

  • More than half of the affordable homes JPNDC has developed grew out of organizing by tenants, neighbors and allies.

  • We use a popular education approach that recognizes and builds on the experience, knowledge and skills of people who aren’t usually included in leadership.

  • We welcome and work with anyone who embraces diversity and wants to make our community a better place.