Gina Hudson
VP of Economic Develoment Programs

About Gina Hudson

Title: Vice President of Economic Development Programs

Major areas of responsibility:  I provide leadership to all JPNDC’s economic prosperity services including oversight of Family Childcare, Family Prosperity Services, Small Business Services (including the Small Contractor Success Initiative). My responsibilities include developing new initiatives, strategic planning, and collaboration with external partners.

Relevant background: I’ve been a political organizer since high school, and have more than 20 years of experience in the non-profit, for-profit, state, and local government sectors.

Year started at JPNDC: 2022

  • What inspires me: As a Latina woman, born and raised in JP and the daughter of immigrant parents who had their own business, JPNDC’s economic prosperity programs inspire me greatly. Being able to see lives changed by providing access to tools and mentoring to the BIPOC community inspires me to keep going. I am inspired by listening to the success stories of those who achieve what they consider economic independence.

  • What I like: Family time, exploring new places, and solving problems.