Jackson Square is one of the largest community-driven developments in the US.

Under construction NOW!


  • Families are moving into 25 Amory Street!

  • 250 Centre (a project of JPNDC partner TCB) is under construction.

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Site III

JPNDC and The Community Builders are the lead developers for Site III which, at five acres, is the largest part of Jackson Square’s redevelopment and includes:

  • 75 Amory Ave (JPNDC):
    39 apartments, 100% affordable
    Status: Complete

  • 25 Amory St (JPNDC):
    44 apartments, 100% affordable
    Status: Complete (Jan. 2022)

  • 250 Centre St (TCB): 110 mixed-income apartments. Status: under construction 

  • 27,000 SF linear park including new bike/pedestrian paths: in planning

  • 100 parking spaces, plus on-site parking and area traffic improvements

Sites I & II

JPNDC’s development partners, Urban Edge and The Community Builders, are responsible for JSRI’s Sites I & II.

  • Site I: Includes 103 mixed-income apartments (30% affordable) at 225 Centre Street. Developer: The Community Builders (TCB) Status: Partially completed 

  • Site II: Includes 37 mixed-income apartments with commercial space at Jackson Commons and a community recreation center. Developer: Urban Edge Status: Partially completed


Where is it?

The Jackson Square Redevelopment Area (map) is on both the Jamaica Plain and Roxbury sides of Columbus Avenue near its intersection with Centre Street. The Jackson Square MBTA station directly abuts portions of the redevelopment area.

Then and Now

50 years ago, hundreds of homes and businesses were razed to make way for an 8-lane extension of I-95 that was planned to stretch from Roxbury Crossing to Dedham. The path of destruction cut right through the intersection of Columbus Avenue and Centre Street at Jackson Square.

In 2005, Jackson Square Partners (JPNDC, Urban Edge, The Community Builders and Hyde Square Task Force) was designated by the Boston Redevelopment Authority to redevelop this important crossroads between Jamaica Plain and Roxbury.

  • Who’s there: Approximately 11,500 people live in the three census tracts (812, 813, 1205) that include Jackson Square. 44% are Latino, 32% are African-American, 18% are White and 6% are other races or multiracial.
  • What’s there: Jackson Square, like neighboring Hyde Square, is home to many Latino small businesses. Read “City Council approves move to name Boston’s Latin Quarter.” Large and small businesses are based here, ranging from Stop & Shop to Centre Tailor Shop, as well as a number of restaurants and the Martha Eliot Health Center.
  • What’s the history: Once a bustling center for industry and brewing, Jackson Square went into a downturn during the years of urban disinvestment and highway destruction. Now it’s coming back. See a timeline here.