Equipment, inventory, storefront improvements and more.

Meet the immediate needs of your business.

  • Business Loans will enable borrowers to purchase machinery, equipment or inventory, access working capital, or undertake building improvements.

  • Technical Assistance Loans will allow borrowers to pay for specialized services in accounting, marketing, information technology or other areas that will position their businesses for growth.

  • Family Child Care Program Loans will cover the cost of insurance, equipment, licensing and other business-related costs of home-based early educators and transportation providers.

  • Family Child Care Personal Loans will allow home-based early educators and transportation providers to cover personal emergencies that may affect their ability to work for a temporary period.

  • Professional Development Loans will enable home-based early educators to attend the annual National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) conference.

Build your credit.

  • We make it easy for you to make your loan payments by setting up automatic deduction from your bank account.

  • Your credit score will improve. We have a track record of helping people achieve meaningful increases in their credit score.

  • A higher credit score will in turn improve your eligibility for larger loans that your business may need, which JPNDC Small Business Services can help facilitate.


All borrowers must: 

  • Agree to have payments automatically deducted from their checking accounts
  • Meet with a JPNDC Financial Coach
  • Operate in the city of Boston.

All borrowers who are NOT home-based early educators must:

  • Be a current client of JPNDC Small Business Services
  • Have owned their business for at least two years
  • Have received technical assistance (TA) for at least a year OR completed at least three TA sessions
  • Have at least one full-time employee (including the owner)
  • Have a good accounting system OR be receiving TA from JPNDC to improve their system
  • Agree to continue receiving TA from JPNDC after loan approval
  • Be recommended by the Small Business Services Director.

All borrowers who are home-based early educators must:

  • Be part of the JPNDC Family Child Care system
  • Receive state subsidies or vouchers for at least two full-time children
  • Show evidence of good attendance by children with vouchers.

Steps to Apply

  • Complete an Intake Survey by phone. Please contact Small Business Services Associate Carina Lopez ( or 617-522-2424 ext. 261) to set up a time.

  • Complete the JPNDC Microloan Fund Application Form that will be emailed to you after your Intake Survey.

  • Provide the following documents: Table of debts from the business; 2 years of personal tax returns; and Table of personal debts.

Our Goals

  • Our borrowers achieve financial stability

  • Our borrowers improve their credit.

  • The entire fund is used to lend to as many borrowers as possible.


  • JPNDC inherited the fund (formerly the Urban Edge Micro Loan Fund)  from Urban Edge in January 2018.

  • As of June 2018, the JPNDC Microloan Fund has a balance of $100,000.

  • During the Fund’s first year, we loaned $88,000 to 33 borrowers.

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