On September 15, 2022, on the occasion of JPNDC’s 45th Anniversary celebration, we had the pleasure of honoring several of our founders in person. One of them was Edwina Cloherty.

“All that JPNDC has been accomplished – it’s because people stayed the course,” said Winkie Cloherty to the crowd gathered at The Brewery on September 15.

She knows something about staying the course.

Having grown up on Washington Street, Winkie helped lead the fight against the highway that would have destroyed her neighborhood. Then, she was a key part of the effort to create the Southwest Corridor Park – which was in danger multiple times – along the highway’s proposed path.

In her role as chair of the JP Banking and Mortgage Committee of the JP Community Council, she testified before the US Senate in favor of new laws to make banks accountable to the communities where they operated.

She ran twice for State Representative against a politician who had tried to stop JPNDC from forming. Although she didn’t win, she laid the groundwork for the next generations of elected representatives.

“If you want to quit smoking because you took it up being on all those bloody committees, take up knitting instead!” she laughed..

“Knit at meetings. Put in the time. Put in the effort. Sustain the effort, so that all these little kiddos running around here tonight can enjoy – and pass on to theirs – what you’ve built, and what you are going to sustain.

“That’s the word: sustain.”

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