Photos & Videos

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Octoberfest ¡Fiesta! 2018
JPNDC Annual Meeting 6-7-18
Friendraiser! April 2018
Donor Appreciation Party March 2018
2017 at JPNDC
Octoberfest ¡Fiesta! 2017
Photo Booth at Octoberfest ¡Fiesta! 2017
JP Open Studios at The Brewery 9-23-17
Bash at The Brewery 6-17-17
State of Our Neighborhood 2017
Friendraiser 2017!
Donor Appreciation Party 2017
JPNDC 2016 Year In Photos
JPNDC Takes The Mannequin Challenge
Octoberfest ¡Fiesta! 10-27-16
Walden Garden Mural Sept. 2016
Julia Martin House 10th Anniversary 2016
Micky’s Barber Shop
JPNDC Annual Meeting 2016
Mildred C. Hailey Apartments Mural Painting 2016
Becoming a Member of JPNDC is Easy!
Francis Grady Apartments Grand Opening 2016
JPNDC Family Prosperity Initiative’s Family Financial Skills Class
75 Amory Avenue Construction 2016
Octoberfest Fiesta 2015
Jackson Square Mural Painting 2015
JPNDC Annual Meeting 2015
Francis Grady Apartments Construction 2015-2016
Family Prosperity Initiative – May 2015
Octoberfest Fiesta 2014
Update on JPNDC Childcare Program Participant Reina
Reina’s Childcare Business Story
Jackie’s Small Business Story
How We Became Tenant Leaders