Our 111 elderly units have won awards for designs that give low-income seniors
an active and high quality place to call home.

Each development has a waiting list.
To put your name on a waiting list,
please follow the “To learn more or apply” link for each property.


Angela Westover House

  • Location: 49 Parley Avenue, Jamaica Plain
  • Overview: JPNDC’s first housing development, which transformed a deteriorated nursing home into high-quality congregate housing for frail seniors and disabled individuals.
  • Units: 11 units in congregate housing (individual bedrooms, shared living space)
  • Completed: 1983
  • To learn more or apply, please click here.

The project has received awards from the American Institute of Architects praising the humanism of its design.

Julia Martin House

  • Location: 90 Bickford Street, Jamaica Plain
  • Overview: A collaboration with the former Bromley-Heath Tenant Management Corporation of new construction units, supported by HUD’s Section 202 program, designed to allow independent and frail low-income seniors to age in place. A large community room is available for residents and neighborhood groups.
  • Units: 55 one-bedroom apartments
  • Completed: 2006
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See photos from the Julia Martin House’s 10th anniversary celebration in July 2016!

This project received a MetLife Foundation Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing.

Nate Smith House

  • Location: 155 Lamartine Street, Jamaica Plain
  • Overview: Following a 15-year neighborhood battle against a slumlord who once was sentenced to house arrest due to sanitary code violations, this property was transformed into high-quality housing for Section 8-qualifying seniors. A community room is used for resident activities and rented by neighborhood groups.
  • Units: 45 one-bedroom apartments
  • Completed: 1998
  • To learn more or apply, please click here.