Rebecca Mautner, 617-850-5913
VP of Real Estate Development & Assets

About Rebecca Mautner

Title: VP of Real Estate Development & Assets

Major areas of responsibility: Overseeing all of the real estate work in the organization, which includes developing new projects, planning for and executing renovation projects, and taking good care of the our portfolio (700+ apartment units and nearly 200,000 sf of commercial space). Training and supporting Real Estate Project Managers and our Portfolio Team. Collaborating with other staff and board to figure out how to implement our mission in all of our work.

Relevant background: I’ve been a political organizer since high school, studied law, then decided to learn about the world of finance and housing.

Project I’m most proud of: I was the Project Manager for the JPNDC Pitts Apartments project, which involved acquiring 201 units (in 21 buildings!) that were at risk of converting to market rate housing. It was an incredibly complicated transaction, but we succeeded in making all of those units affordable and my colleague Ricky Guerra did an amazing job managing construction.

Year started at JPNDC: 2010 (as a consultant)

  • What inspires me: Working with people who have very different backgrounds from mine and learning from their perspective and way of doing things.

  • What I like: My co-workers, spending time with my family (my husband and my daughter), outdoor adventures with the Girl Scouts, being part of (and sometimes winning) political fights for justice, long walks, sewing, and hanging out with friends.

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