Ricky Guerra
Director of Real Estate Development

About Ricky Guerra

Title: Director of Real Estate Development

Major areas of responsibility: As the Director of Real Estate Development at JPNDC, Ricky is at the forefront of crafting spaces that nurture both individual and communal wellbeing. Ricky’s multifaceted role integrates the pillars of quality housing, community engagement, healthcare, and economic vitality. She is responsible for overseeing the entire spectrum of the organization’s real estate development initiatives—from conceptualizing innovative new projects to masterfully planning and executing renovations.

Relevant background:With a robust 18-year career spanning various dimensions of community development, Ricky comes well-equipped for her role. Her experience encompasses real estate development, construction management, fundraising, community organizing, programming, and technical assistance. Prior to joining JPNDC, she served as a Real Estate Project Manager at Dorchester Bay EDC, specializing in occupied rehabilitation projects.

Year started at JPNDC: 2018

  • What inspires me: Ricky is profoundly inspired by the transformational power of multi-generational spaces. She believes in the importance of creating environments where individuals of all ages can connect, thereby fostering deeply enriching relationships that bridge different age groups.

  • What I like: A committed community advocate, Ricky volunteers her time and skills on several committees and initiatives in her Dorchester neighborhood. Beyond her local engagement, Ricky is also deeply committed to leveraging real estate projects as platforms to create and provide opportunities for small W/MBE (Women/Minority-Owned Business Enterprises) contractors.