Virginia Hampton
Director of Operations

About Virginia Hampton

Title: Director of Operations

Major area of responsibility: I manage human resources, admin services, and overlook all of the operations of the organization.

Relevant background: I started in the financial department at JPNDC then worked my way up until I finally found my way to HR. I thought it was a great fit since I’m a people person and I’m still glad to be where I am today.

What I’m most proud of: I’m most proud of the collaborative culture here at JPNDC where people can have their voices heard. I am also proud of being able to help grow the company’s work force and being able to create new career opportunities in my years here at JPNDC.

Year started at JPNDC: 2017

  • What inspires me: My lineage inspires me. My ancestor’s resilience and the desire to make them proud with what they have given me inspires me be the best I can be. My family also keeps me going daily

  • What I like: I’m passionate about interior design because of the combination of functionality and creativity. I enjoy working with colors, and different spaces to make something comfortable, effective, and beautiful.